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Seamlessly integrate Telehealth into your Practice with Wellevate

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Telehealth Capability

With Wellevate you now have FREE access to HIPAA compliant telehealth capability — seamlessly integrated into your Wellevate virtual dispensary®. Now you can confidently connect with your patients face-to-face and keep them better connected to you and your practice.


One-Click Video Conferencing

With unlimited video calls and no need to download any additional apps.


Auto Appointment Reminders

With integrated e-scheduling and waiting room functionality.



HIPAA-compliance and integration directly through the Wellevate Dashboard.

How it Works

Our how-to video will help you understand how you can seamlessly integrate telehealth into your virtual practice.

Download the eBook

Let's Get Started! Quickly understand how to add Telehealth services to your practice with Wellevate; with our comprehensive, step-by-step guide.


Educational Resources

Our team of Medical Education Experts have compiled a selection of valuable resources to assist you in seamlessly transitioning to telehealth and virtual dispensing.

Adding Telemedicine Services to Your Practice

You may be wondering if and how you should transition your practice to be online or to add telemedicine or teleconsultation services to your offering.

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7 Digital Integrations for Productivity

Running a private practice requires so much more than just providing patient care. You also have a load of business responsibilities—and that can make you feel weighed down.

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How to use Emerson Drop-Ship for Remote Dispensing

Emerson Drop-Ship is a virtual version of the Emerson in-office experience—Simply add or select a patient's address during checkout and we'll ship the order directly to them.

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Cloud and Virtual Services to Make your Practice More Efficient

Adding efficiency tools to your practice can help scale patient care and return some life balance to yourself and your staff—and many are low-cost (or free!) solutions

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