The Power of The Protocol

With a shared focus on patient experience and improving outcomes, we enhanced Wellevate® protocols to make the process of recommending supplements even easier.

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What are protocols?

Customizable and shoppable supplement recommendations that can be sent to patients with just a few clicks. Protocols allow you to include messages, product and dosage recommendations, and attachments like diet guides or daily exercise routines. Protocols can be used as templates for your personalized patient recommendations or shared with your entire patient list.


Protocols help your patients and your practice

Recommendations and shared Protocols not only encourage better patient outcomes, they also drive better business results. Patients will be able to find and purchase your preferred products, order refills, and set up auto-refills, all in one place: your Wellevate Virtual Dispensary®.

Wellevate allows you to share your protocols with one or all of your patients. And because patients are 2x more likely to buy practitioner-recommended products*, the more protocols you share, the more revenue you’ll make to help grow your practice.

Setting up protocols are easy

Whether you have experience with Wellevate or are new to the platform, organizing your favorite and most commonly recommended supplements into protocols can be a huge time-saver for you and your patients.

Say goodbye to assembling one-to-one recommendations from scratch for every appointment, or asking patients to search for each supplement on their own. With protocols, things are much, much easier.

There are two ways to set up
and save a protocol:

Build your own custom protocol

If you’d rather design your own protocol, we’ve made it easy to search for the products and brands you love and add them into a blank template.

  1. Log into your Wellevate Practitioner account
  2. Click “Protocols” at the top, then “New Protocol”
  3. Enter a name and description. (NOTE: you can customize these each time you share with a patient)
  4. Search our catalog and use filters to find the best products for your protocol
  5. Select “Add to Protocol” and enter the dosage instructions (optional)
  6. Click “Save”

Use our existing expert protocol

Our Medical Education Team has worked with thought leaders and brand partners to provide a full library of expert protocols you can use for countless health concerns. You can even customize them with your own favorite products and whatever is best for your patients.

  1. Log in to your Wellevate Practitioner account
  2. Click “Protocols” at the top, then “Expert Protocols”
  3. Find this and other expert protocols in the list
  4. Edit the name and message. Add or remove attachments.
  5. Click “Save to my protocols”
  6. Share protocol with one or all of your patients

Share protocols your way

The Wellevate platform makes it easy to integrate protocols into your workflow. Would you like to track refills? Do you want to recommend products through newsletters and social posts? Prefer to scribble down recommendations on a piece of paper?

No matter how you work, there’s a way to integrate protocols that saves you time.


Using Wellevate Protocols for 1:1

During an appointment is often when many Wellevate practitioners use their protocols, because it saves time and is easy for the patient. In just a few clicks, you can have additional recommended supplements on the way to their doorstep.

You’ll also have visibility into their orders, refills, and auto-refills for better adherence. Wellevate will even remind them when it’s time to refill, so the supplements come from you – not Amazon.

How to share:

  1. Open a new recommendation and add a protocol from your library
  2. Customize the protocol to fit your patient’s needs
  3. Send them an invite during the appointment to help them set up their account
  4. Show them how to order and set auto-refills

Writing or printing recommendations

If you prefer this way, don’t worry! Protocols can still save you and your patients time and energy. The best way to integrate them into your practice is to include a QR code or link to your Wellevate Virtual Dispensary® on your notepad, letterhead, and/or business cards. You can create these pieces on your own or reach out to our support team for help.

How to share:

  1. Go to “dispensary” in your account settings and set to “open access” (this is so you won’t have to invite each individual patient)
  2. Create protocols for all of the most common issues you treat
  3. Select “Share With All Patients” on the protocols you want to make visible to all of your patients
  4. During your appointments, highlight the URL or QR code on the paper
  5. Write down or type the name of the protocol you are recommending for your patient as you’ve titled it in Wellevate
  6. Encourage the patient to set up their account, find the protocol in their dashboard, and order the products

Sharing a protocol with all of your patients at once

Wellevate makes it easy to maximize your reach and revenue by keeping wellness top of mind for your entire patient list and social following. Many practitioners focus these recommendations on common health concerns like immune support, cellular support, healthy hair, better sleep, and more – as an adjunct to your personalized recommendations for each patient.

How to share:

  1. Go to “dispensary” in your account settings and set to “open access” (this is so you won’t have to invite each individual patient)
  2. Find the protocol you’d like to share and click “Share With All Patients”. 
  3. Click on the three dots next to your protocol. Click “copy link”
  4. Paste the link in a newsletter, email, or social post

Patients love protocols, too

When you share a recommendation with a patient during an appointment, they receive an email from us directing them to log into their Wellevate account to see their personalized recommendation.

When you opt to share a protocol with your whole patient list and check the “Notify Patients via Email” box, all the patients that you’ve added to your Wellevate account who are opted in will receive an email notification with the protocol title, a brief explanation and instructions to check it out.

Regardless of how they receive the recommendation, patients can then add all of the supplements into their cart from one page and check out. They can even sign up for auto-refill, so they never miss a dose.

Take your patient outcomes and practice to the next level

Start using Wellevate protocols today.