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Power up your practice with NEW public protocols

Over 60% of patients purchase practitioner-recommended products*

Now Wellevate® makes it even easier to share your expertise and put the the largest selection of professional grade vitamins and supplements to work for your patients and practice with new public protocols.

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Save time by
sharing more

The new public protocols feature lets you share custom protocols with one or all of your patients with just a few clicks. You can even copy a direct link and share it with your patients through your practice’s marketing materials. 

We’ve also made bulk uploading your entire patient list even easier—giving you more reach in less time.

Bulk Upload Your Patients

Connect more with patients

Your patients will find all your public protocols right on their Wellevate® dashboard. Your recommended products, any dosing information and downloadable attachments—all your expertise—waiting and shoppable within the Wellevate® platform. It’s the easy way to provide the relevant recommendations to fit their health and wellness needs.

       Build your library with expert protocols or create your own

       Create customized recommendations and treatment plans

       Share with one or all of your patients

         Support patient compliance and results


Here’s how it works




Experience more growth

Protocols not only encourage better patient outcomes, they also drive better business results. In fact, Wellevate® protocols are shown to help you sell more products. The more protocols you share, the more products you recommend, the more patients you reach.  

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Start doing more with Wellevate protocols

Wellevate® protocols are a great way to take your patient care – and your practice – to the next level. And now with public protocols, it’s even easier.

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Uploading your patient list is easy

Just upload your patient list and we’ll do the work for you.

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