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Wellevate® Labs beta

Order labs, search records and share results—all from one platform.

The most trusted name in online supplement dispensaries is taking our services to the next level. Wellevate® Labs is designed to transform your practice by streamlining your lab process—putting everything you need to manage patient care within a few simple clicks. It’s a single virtual hub where you can easily order, review and share lab results. It’s another step forward in the innovative tools offered exclusively on the Wellevate® platform.

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Here’s How it Works

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A better way to get what you need.

The lab tests you need from the brands you trust. Wellevate Labs centralizes records and results and organizes important diagnostics in one single place.

  • Specialty and conventional labs at your fingertips
  • Labs, order history and results in a central and secure place 
  • A physician support network for expanded provider access*
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Better tools for better care.

Wellevate Labs offers a full suite of intuitive tools designed to let you spend your time focusing on what matters mostimproving patient care and outcomes.

  • Custom Panel Creator for building personalized labs tailored to fit your patient’s specific needs
  • Free Ask the Doctor consultations for support with choosing labs and interpreting results
  • Text notifications for instant updates when results are ready
  • Specialty lab kits sent directly to patients which mean less inventory to manage
  • Consolidated lab partner communications handled in one central place
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Better compliance for better results.

Wellevate Labs gives you access to a concierge, mobile phlebotomy service to make patient compliance even better. And the best part is, all of the logistics are handled for you.

  • Mobile phlebotomy services for comfort and convenience 
  • Appointment scheduling directly with patients
  • Specialty lab kits sent to your patients with instructions and pre-paid envelopes
  • Results automatically added to your portal
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A better connected lab experience.

Connecting everything the Wellevate® platform already offers with the new Wellevate Labs delivers a more complete and holistic view of your patient’s health.

  • Order specialty and conventional labs more conveniently
  • Search your patients’ results in record time
  • Build custom protocols
  • Schedule appointments with HIPAA compliant telehealth service

A better way to do labs – all in one place.

Let’s take your practice – and your patient care – to the next level with Wellevate Labs. Sign up today and tap into the power and potential of the Wellevate® platform.
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*Service not available for all states, including NY, NJ, and RI.