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Wellevate® Labs is a single, secure portal for ordering, reviewing and sharing results of 1,000+ diagnostic tests.

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Specialty and Conventional Labs1000+ Diagnostic Tests—All in One Place

Order All Your Labs Online From The Most Trusted Names In The Industry

There’s Never Been an Easier Way to Order Your Lab Tests Online

We’ve taken the legwork out of your practice’s diagnostic process. No more spending hours moving from site to site, ordering all the lab tests you need, reviewing results and sharing them back with your patients. Wellavate® Labs is the radically simplified solution that puts everything you need into one secure platform.

3 Steps Is All It Takes

  1. Launch Wellevate® Labs and select your patient 
  2. Add the tests you want to order and submit 
  3. Your patient receives an email with instructions and support

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A Solution Designed By Practitioners Like You For Practitioners Like You

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start quote_white This is so awesome and convenient. I wasn't able to order labs for my patients previously due to being on a waitlist with another platform.

- Dr. Candi Dias, ND

You Order The Tests—We Take Care Of the Rest

Wellevate® Labs makes diagnostic testing easier on you and your patients—
just choose the tests you want and let us do all the work.

Explore Wellevate® Labs and put these tools to work for your practice today.

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Guiding Patients.
Our concierge care team is there
to walk them through the process.

21-12 Labs 2.0 Landing Page_icons small money

Collecting Payments.
We handle all payment processing
and paperwork for you.

21-12 Labs 2.0 Landing Page_icons small shipping

Shipping Kits.
No more inventory to manage. We
ship kits directly to your patients.

21-12 Labs 2.0 Landing Page_icons small phlebotomy

Mobile Phlebotomy.
Ensure tests get completed by
offering multiple draw options.

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Custom Panels.
Group and save your favorite specialty
tests for more personalized care.

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Physician Support.
Expanding provider access with
our physician consigner network.

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Ask The Doctor. 
Free consultation service to help
interpret results and answer questions.

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You’ll Love Wellevate® Labs If…

Conventional and Specialty Labs

You'll love Wellevate Labs if you use conventional and/or specialty labs in your practice.
Whether you’re ordering one test or multiple at a time, Wellevate Labs helps you save time by doing all the legwork for you.

You'll love Wellevate Labs if your patients use credit, debit, or HSA/FSA accounts to pay for services.
While we don’t accept insurance at this time, we have negotiated pricing with the Labs, offering your patients discounts and complete transparency on what they will pay upfront.

Credit debit HSA FSA accounts

You'll love Wellevate Labs if you offer telemedicine and/or in-office practitioners.
We ship tests to your patients' home and offer mobile phlebotomy services, making it easy on your patients.

You'll love Wellevate Labs if you are a credentialed practitioner.
Our physician cosigning feature expands access to Wellevate Labs. If you have one of the following credentials, you’re in: CNS, CCN, DC, DDS, DEN, DERM, DO, DPM, LAc, LicNUR, LYNAT, LYNUT, MD, ND, NP, NUT, NUTR, PA, RD, RPH.*

Physician support network

Your Patients Know We’re With Them Every Step Of The Way.

From the moment you order the test, our Patient Care Team is there to assist the process and promote compliance.  

  1. When you place an order, your patient will get an email from us  
  2. They’re prompted to provide payment and provided with information about the test  
  3. We ship out their testing kit(s) or contact them to schedule their phlebotomy  
  4. If the test isn’t completed within two weeks of delivery, we follow up with a friendly reminder  
  5. First, we notify you when the results are in. Then, you choose to share them to your patients Wellevate dashboard  

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Get Your Questions Answered

What companies/lab tests are available through Wellevate Labs?

Currently, tests from the following laboratories are available through Wellevate Labs:

  • Labcorp
  • Genova
  • Precision Analytical, Inc (DUTCH)
  • Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory
  • Labrix
  • Doctor’s Data
  • Spectracell Laboratories
  • US Biotek
  • Real Time Labs
  • Infinite Allergy
  • Access Medical Labs
  • Kashi
  • KBMO
  • Quicksilver Scientific
  • 3x4 Genetics
  • Medtox
  • York Test
How does it work?

From your Wellevate dashboard, select "Tools" and then “Labs” to be connected to your lab portal.  From the Wellevate Labs Dashboard, you can View the Test Menu, Order Labs, and View Results, all in one place.  

Ordering labs for a patient is easy- under “Order Labs” select your patient, choose the labs you wish to order, and complete the order.  We will then contact your patient for payment, ship any necessary kits or instruct them to go in for a lab blood draw, if necessary.  After processing, lab results will be delivered to the Wellevate Labs portal and you will be notified.  

Why do you collect $1 at registration?

We collect practitioner payment information at registration via a $1 set up fee to ensure we have an active payment method on file. This will only be used if you choose the Practitioner Pay option, or in the event you order reflex testing and your patient fails to provide payment when billed. In both those instances you will be responsible for collecting payment from your patients. 

What is the Sponsor Network & how does it work?
With Wellevate Labs, eligible non-physician practitioners can access our sponsor network of prescribing physicians to support your lab ordering needs.  There is a small fee associated with this service, and that fee is automatically added to the patient order when you order labs.

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*Service not available for all states, including NY, NJ, and RI.